about me and the other jackson 5

Things about me:

I’m one of four girls
I love taking photos
I love to travel and discover new things
I once piloted the Goodyear Blimp
I worked about 7 years at The Indianapolis Star in several different jobs
I worked at the Greensboro News & Record for a couple years
People think I’m always in a bad mood cause I don’t smile a lot. It doesn’t mean I’m not happy.
My kids are the best, cutest, smartest kids on the planet. Well, at least one of them is. I’m not telling which one.
My oldest son learned the “f word” and the facts about Santa on the bus during the first couple weeks of school.
I miss Pittsburgh and my family.
Yinz better believe I’m a huge Steelers fan. HUGE.
I love the ocean.
Maine is my favorite place (outside of home and Pittsburgh, my “other, real” home)
I want to sell children’s books when I grow up…in my very own store. Probably in Pittsburgh. Or at the beach.
I want to publish the children’s book I wrote.
I love to read and can read a book VERY quickly.

too much info …

NOTE: All photos on this site, unless otherwise marked, were taken by someone in the Jackson family. Please do not reproduce, steal, or claim as your own.

DO NOT STEAL content from this site or your ass is grass.

For reprint permission, e-mail me at Kasey.jackson@gmail.com. Thanks kindly.


3 thoughts on “about me and the other jackson 5

  1. Maine? I had no idea! I lived there for two years – near Augusta. Quite an experience. It’s definitely a beautiful place – you can literally breathe it in and feel at home. Now, the blimp thing impresses me.

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