comfortable in his (new, colorful, second) skin

my middle man just started wrestling a few months ago. he’s only had a few meets and has just gotten into a groove. he’s enjoying it now instead of complaining about practice. he’s noticing what moves the more seasoned wrestlers have that he doesn’t. he’s asking to practice on me at home (i’ve let him only once. he may kick my ass for real.)

of course all this familiarity and excitement can mean only one thing: the season already is coming to a close. just when we get things in place, moves polished, names of the other kids on the team memorized …

and to think he wanted to quit.

and almost did. a couple times.

but he stuck with it … and i’m so very proud of him.

i didn’t see this meet i’m sharing here. in fact, i haven’t seen the last two meets. i have come to suspect there’s a reason for this. or a few. i won’t bore you with the details, but …

… one thing that i will share is this: he struggled. not with the moves or the getting to know his new teammates and coaches or a new sport. nah. all of that was a breeze.

he struggled with … the singlet.

for those who don’t know, the singlet is the stretchy, clingy, almost like a second-skin lycra wrestling suit. the suit my middle man did NOT want to wear. in fact, he said he’d quit when “they” made him wear one.

so, i’m a bit sad to admit that i haven’t seen him wrestle in his singlet. i wish i had. now the meets are finished for the season. but gosh, i’ll tell you this: that kid was SO PROUD of that damn singlet when his dad bought it. he called me into the laundry room to show me how it fit. and then he took off the top and folded it down.

“look! it’s reversible. red on one side. blue on the other.”

there he stood. in a singlet. with THE HUGEST SMILE on his face.

he’s as adorable in it as i suspected he would be.

and here he is, in the last round of this past weekend’s tournament. this time, he wore the red side. (he wanted me to make sure i told you that so you’d know which one he is … and you’ll see why at the end.)


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