personal space

our bed

it’s so intimate, so personal, where we lay our heads to rest. where we go to be together, to whisper, share secrets, dream, make love, listen to each other fall asleep.

it’s here where we feel the twitching of our lover’s body as it finds sleep. our legs still entwined. our hands, together.

and sometimes we go here to be alone. to hide from the world. to pull the covers over our heads, cry ourselves to sleep. when we need to.

when the pillow next to us is empty, we mourn the quiet. or we don’t. sometimes we embrace it, hold it close to our chests and smile, knowing the void will be filled, even if only for a moment, soon.


* in this photo, a bed in which i once slept, which is not mine. i love the light, i love where i was in that moment, how i felt, how life could be so perfect, together yet alone.


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