celebrate the journey


as this year of amazing ups and downs creeps to an end, i find myself daydreaming of all the ways to make next year even more kickass.

it’s fitting, after all, as a celebration of my journey to 40. there’s no reason to be sad about it. i have a new start. an amazing partner in my journey and a heart full of love.

it’s a great way to kick off the year. as a friend of mine keeps saying, “you’re on top of the world.” i always laugh when he says it. but really?

he’s right.

so what should i do? jump out of a plane? hell no. get another tattoo? maybe. 😉

how about this list to start off with … just off the top of my head. a few of these i’ve thought about for a while. others are going to hit me as i type. let’s see where this leads.

and i have no doubt that a few of you will be dragged along on this journey (i have my eyes on you, christopher and amy. just for starters.) promise me you’re game. it wouldn’t be the same without you. we are all, after all, heading to 40 together. let’s make it a sweet ride. side by side.

what should i do? here’s what i’m thinking. drop me a line with more ideas.

* celebrate this journey … every single step
* be in love
* spend less
* eat better
* do more
* take another german class
* visit austria
* learn to drive a stick shift
* find my lost health
* remember difficult goodbyes almost always lead to sweeter hellos
* never take anyone or anything for granted
* take more road trips (i’m looking at you, amy. we’re soooo going to chicago soon)
* teach my kids that experiences mean more and last longer than stuff
* say i love you more
* hug often
* learn how to change a tire
* start house hunting
* ride my bike more
* plan a kickass 40th (hike a section of the AT, anyone? Amy? Amy?)
* take more pictures
* say yes. i do. thank you very much. (i’m looking at you, CH)
* hold hands as often as possible
* cherish times together
* stay in touch
* read more
* get rid of (more) old stuff
* remember that some people just will never be the person you wanted them to be
* love my kids something fierce
* give back
* shop indie
* make stuff
* write more
* try to smile, no matter how ridiculous it feels
* cook more (i’m lookin’ at you again, CH. and that kid of yours)
* be less insecure
* just be kickass. that’s all. it will make everything else fall into place.


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