fly and swirl

(thanks to miss amy wiser, my partner sister in crime, for this flying photo.)

i sit down to write and nothing seems sufficient. i’ve edited hundreds of photos and nothing does it justice.

i’m sure it will come to me, eventually. it usually hits as i lie in bed, too tired to get back up to jot down the thoughts. if it does, i’ll try to remember. i’ll try to share. for you. for me.

for now, i’m churning. i’m formulating. the words and images are still swirling.

i wanted this so badly for more than a year. it happened. i can’t believe it happened. it happened at the most critical time in my life. the event itself was life-changing. beyond that even, things that happened while i was there were life-changing.


i went to the desert.

i opened my heart and my eyes to things i didn’t think i would.

i lived in the moment and have no regrets.

i bought a freaking tutu when i said i wouldn’t.

and then i flew.

soon i’ll be able to write more.

for now, i swirl.


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