there’s something about getting back to normal. into the groove.

being together.

i’ve been gone for several days. several amazing, fun-filled, relaxing days of sunshine and photography and friendship. it was much-needed. a release. a mommy escape. i’m still processing it all. i have lots of words and images swirling in my head, so that story shall come to me over the next few days, i’m hoping.

right now, it’s time for my boys.

today was a nice day of togetherness after many days apart.

we went to conner prairie for caramel apples.

we had dinner.

and then, to top off the night, we snuggled up with kettle corn to watch one of our favorites, the nightmare before christmas. tim burton rocks. just sayin’.

i miss the warmth of the desert and the smiles on the faces of all the fantastic women i met there. but nothing compares to little boys and the normalcy of home.

this, us in this place, right now, is as normal as it gets. and that’s just normal enough for me.

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