mach’s gut

i have to let you in on a little secret. most nights i actually sit down to write something here, i have no freakin’ clue what i’m going to write. tonight is no different.

here’s what usually happens: i look through my photos on my phone and my nikon and pick one to post. then i type.

so tonight i’ll tell you about last night and where it led me today. i’m sure you’re on the edge of your seat after seeing the photo. i know, i know. you simply must know more. calm yourself. give me a minute. i’m still typing.

so last night i snapped this stunning photo with my phone. that’s bill in the suspenders. he’s in my german class. here, he’s trying to win a matching game. he did not win, but he kicked my ass. he’s the second-most fluent speaker in the class. the best one in the class would be mo, our teacher. that’s her in the background, timing bill’s attempt at the game.

last night i was late for class for the first time. i hate being late but i had a great excuse. anyway … while another classmate was taking her turn at the match game, mo approached me. i was sitting alone at a table, away from everyone else.

are you feeling ok, she asked.

no, not really, i told her. i’d had a helluva headache for five days and nothing was cutting it.  mo is a nurse by day, you know, when she’s not teaching us how to say things like “ich moechte ein bier.” if that’s right. which it may not be. (sorry, mo.)

she took me back to the restaurant office. took my blood pressure. it was high. i told her about some weird swelling going on in my neck. she was not so happy to see that. we talked. she was concerned. i was sleepy, but i felt better.

mo took care of me.

in fact, she wanted me to go to the doc straightaway. instead i told her i was going home. she made me text her when i got home, even though the drive for me takes about an hour. she was having nothing to do with me giving her reasons why i wasn’t going to text. so i listened and i texted her when i got home. i thanked her for caring. she told me to go to the doctor. i did. i even told the doc today why i was there.

my new friend is a nurse and she told me to come see the doc. so i’m here.

after a few jokes from the doc about how nurses always overreact and “scare the poop out of you,” it turns out she and i were right. i do have some swelling in my neck (from strain i caused myself from doing push-ups and crunches the other day while on oxycodone. oops.).

yep. i overdid it. pushed too much, i suppose, even though it seems i’m not pushing myself enough.

i am really over this getting old bullshit and i want to be better. stronger. smarter about things. but maybe, just maybe, popping strong pills and then going overly hyperactive on the exercise isn’t all that smart after all.

i learned my lesson. ice packs and muscle relaxers for me, now. and slower, more controlled stretching.

boring? yes. smart? i suppose.

but it was nice to have a friend looking out for me. sometimes it’s a nice break to be on the other end, being taken care of instead of taking care of everyone else. i know not to get too used to it. and that’s ok. i like my role of caretaker. it fits me.

so now i’ll take the doc’s orders and pop a pill and get some rest.

keep smiling, y’all. and take care of yourselves.

mach’s gut. 🙂


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