finding love

oh, if you were here, i’d sit with you on the couch. we wouldn’t have the tv on. it would be quiet. or maybe music would be playing in the background. i’d hold your hand, put my head on your shoulder. you know. we’ve talked about it. maybe there would be cocktails. maybe i’d practice my german on you, if i were feeling brave in the moment. i’m sure the alcohol would help, at least a little. there’s still so much i want to tell you.


i went walking in the woods alone this past weekend. i wanted to capture the changing season. it’s quiet. colder than when you were here last. the colors are all different. i’m not sure you’d even recognize it. so i took photos. lots of photos. maybe that will help.

when i came around the curve of the path, there was a tree that reminded me of us. like two hearts, the leaves were clinging to one another, inseparable.

i smiled. and snapped.


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