what’s missing

earlier today i remembered that one time when told me you thought the sky is so big here. at the time i laughed and said “really? it doesn’t seem all that big to me. not like, say, montana.” but you said it’s what you thought, and i went with it, not really agreeing.

but today? today i agree.

today the sky struck me. the clouds. the temperature. the sun. everything. and it made me stop and pay attention.

we were in a park with friends and i noticed the way the clouds looked. i noticed the way the sky was a nice blue and in that moment, as i gazed in that one direction, everything seemed quiet and still. in that one moment i realized you were right. the sky is big here.

and oh, how i wished i could lean over and put my head on your shoulder and admit to you that you were right.

today the sky was big. and it was a wonderful day.

the only thing missing was you.

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