not broken

thud. thud. thud. thud.

if it’s not this it’s that. today it’s the fan. well, today it was also the fan. it was the window earlier. and the tires before that.

it’s quiet. the boys are in bed. the air is cool, finally. it smells like fall. someone is burning something. the sunset tonight was stunning. the leaves are teasing me.

it’s my favorite time of year. things are changing.

the fan was off kilter. one blade was hitting against the base.

thud. thud. thud. thud.

eli, get me a knife.


because i said so. don’t ask questions. i’m on a ladder and i need a knife.

what are you doing?

i’m fixing the fan.

i’m making it right.

all four tires have air. the fan is fixed. then there was the window that suddenly wouldn’t close. it does now.

i put it back on track.

you’re going to break that worse, mom. just have the guys from the apartment come fix it.

no. i’m doing it. i’m going to figure it out.

and i did.

we may be alone, but things are working out. i am forced to take charge now, but that’s good. that’s what i wanted. that’s what i needed.

this is where we are. and we are just fine. we are alone.

and things aren’t broken.


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