turning 6

dear luke,

happy birthday, little man.

today was such a sweet day. you were the first, as always, to pop out of bed, and you were so excited to tear your final paper link to mark your 6th birthday. of course we took pictures.

after school, when you came in the house and your dad and i yelled out HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you were suddenly so shy, you had to turn your head away. but it wasn’t long before you showed us all the things your teacher did for you today. a card, sticker, bookmark, pencil. and a hug, i’m sure. or two, if she was lucky.

you were of course thrilled to open your gifts and eat your homemade cupcake from daddy.

it was a great day, wasn’t it?

but you know what? you got a lot of nice gifts, but i got the best gift of all today. not once, not twice, but SEVEN times you thanked me for your gifts. you thanked your dad and me at the house several times and then you just couldn’t stop thanking me tonight. and it was genuine and sweet and full of love. just as you are.

you’re getting older. and cuter with each passing day. and sweeter, of course. which is hard to believe, since you were so perfectly sweet to begin with.

much love to you, lukey. you truly are a lover. and i couldn’t have asked for a sweeter little man.

thank YOU.

(i don’t think he liked our singing all that much. he was still being a bit shy.)


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