it’s cotton candy, man

i’ve traveled before. i’ve been some amazing places. i always miss the places i’ve discovered, thankful to have photos to look back to, images in my head to think about as i fall asleep. the longing to be away in a new place lingers. it takes a while to get back in the groove.

yes. the days after traveling are the most difficult.

but more than ever, i want to go back.

this time it is different. london called to me. london felt right. i didn’t feel worried or nervous or out of touch. i felt good. light. happy.

around every corner, something new. something lovely. a new hidden nook. a smiling face. a hug. warmth while it rained. people moving fast yet i never felt rushed. the food was delicious. the air was fresh.

but of course part of it was the people. or one person.

i fell in love all over again in london. with my eye pressed against my camera, looking across the river thames in search of big ben in my viewfinder, i turn to find a warm, sticky treat and a huge, familiar grin.

oh, my. really?

they call it traditional candy floss. and it’s on a stick. a stick. for real. it’s hard to find anything that sticky sweet anywhere in the world. and in that moment, he was there. with candy floss. on a stick. with a smile.

and my heart melted.

i love london. it’s cotton candy, man.

and he was, in that moment, my cotton candy man.


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