love and games and gelato

it’s another one of those days where i’m all sentimental and stuff. and looking at old photos. this one caught my eye. again.

i don’t know these people. but i watched them one day last summer for quite some time as they walked along the edge of Lake Geneva. they stopped, held hands, kissed passionately. walked some more. sat for a bit. she stood and watched the water. he stood up next to her, reached for her hand. then they stood and talked to each other, in this pose, for what seemed like an eternity. i kept looking away, but then would find myself watching them again. i took photos, obviously, and felt bad doing it. but i snapped photos of lots of people on that trip. lots of people in the street. some in love, some just being. a few were even playing chess.

but these two made me stop. i remember thinking to myself, man, they must really be confident to show that kind of emotion in public. but then i realized it was love, and they didn’t care that they were in public. in their minds, i don’t think they realized it, really. they were the only two people on earth.

when i got home and edited photos i paused at the ones i snapped of them. there were some of them in a deep kiss. too intimate to post. in fact, i erased most of them.

but this one was different. this ended up being one of my favorites of them because it caught one of the many moments where she was acting a little hard to get in a way … looking off as he’s about to blubber all over himself, he’s so mad for her. he’s enamored. she couldn’t care less.

for that moment.

ahh. but then. then another deep kiss.

i don’t think they were fighting at all. i think she liked the cat and mouse game. and me, i was the fly on the wall. or in this case, on the park bench, killing time and wondering how it would feel to be in the arms of a lover on the banks of Lake Geneva, sun beating down, mountains in the distance.

they walked off eventually, hand in hand, and I sat there for a few more moments. snapped some more photos. thought about things.

then I walked off as well. and found some gelato. it was a good day.


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