hauntingly beautiful

the break in the fence was still there, even wider this time. so we slipped right on through in the middle of the hot afternoon. it was a bright and cheery day. a woman was sitting a few yards away, watching.

it was creaky and creepy inside the church. exactly how i remembered it from last time, only different. the light was shining in more spots as it seemed more of the ceiling had peeled away, more windows had broken. we stepped delicately, as one should in a place that’s rotting away. each step a balancing act.

amidst the broken glass and tattered ruins of wood and tree limbs still stands such an amazing, beautiful building. and it’s falling down all around us.

“careful. watch your step. don’t fall. nobody will find us.”

then, we hear it. voices. and why’s there a tent in here? that was not here last time …

there are people in the church. we aren’t alone.

turns out there are a lot of people in here. an entire film crew, including zombies, at least one in partial makeup. this place is quite a draw to all types, it seems.

zombies in church. we’ve seen it all.

we go higher into the church than i’ve been before. somehow i feel safer this time. maybe it’s the brain-sucking zombies. but whatever it is, at each turn, something new to discover. we keep going. we end up splitting up.

a baby carriage. some toys. an empty bookshelf. a gymnasium. broken windows. oh, look, a zombie. (still can’t get past that, sorry.)

this place is hauntingly beautiful, with or without the zombies. And it’s been left to fall apart. And we break in to witness it in its devastation. it’s falling down and we make it worse. we film movies here. this isn’t the first and may not be the last. and by we, i mean all of us.

whose decision was it to let this happen?

this church in gary, indiana, was once an amazing piece of architecture. it still is, really. it’s just that now the trees are starting to grow on the inside, and when it rains, it falls where the faithful should be sitting in pews.

i didn’t bother to take my real camera in this time. i just carried my iphone, and snapped a few shots with my hipstamatic app, with a blurry, faded feel. it seemed genuine, yet not. you can’t begin to imagine unless you climb through the fence to see for yourself.

For more photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/otherjackson5/sets/72157631105580010/


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