Simple things

Simple things, originally uploaded by otherjackson5.

When I was little, my sisters and I used to love playing in my grandmother’s basement beauty parlor.

That’s what we called it. A beauty parlor.

She was a beautician and had, in the basement of the house my dad was raised in, a full-service hair salon. We used to love spinning in the chairs, pretending to wash each other’s hair. There was even a “waiting room,” complete with a mix of really bad magazines.

I will never forget the smell in there. It smelled of really bad perm solution and hair color treatment chemicals. Always.

But there’s something else I’ll never forget.

She had a sign on the wall near one of the mirrors that I’d always read over and over in my head as I spun myself silly in the chair.

“Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And don’t forget to smell the flowers.”

I miss my grandmother. And I think she’d love this flower photo I shot in my backyard several years ago.

Today I stopped at the store to grab a few items and as I was walking in, I stopped and smelled the flowers out front.

And smiled.


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