in the moment

each moment is a memory worth keeping,

so how do we know which ones to shoot

and which to allow to pass?



today was one of those days when maybe i should’ve had a camera.

or maybe not.

as i stood, barefoot, in the doorway, the boys loaded into their dad’s car,

excited for a spring break journey to North Carolina.

then, one by one, they started to run back to me, unprompted by me or their dad,

with kisses,

extra hugs.

after they loaded back in their seats, and michael was pulling out of the lot,

eli signed “i love you” from the backseat.

and then they all frantically waved to me as i frantically waved back from my apartment balcony.

and then … they were gone.

and then i held my breath for the next 10 or so hours until grant texted “here” at 9:09.

i could’ve had a photo of those moments of them running back up the sidewalk to me.

or from above as they waved through the car windows.

or, (sigh), as Middle Man signed i love you …

but then i thought about it some more.

and you know what?

sometimes it’s best to be an active participant in the moment.

no camera.

no phone.

just me, the mom.

and my arms

and lips,

perfect for tons of hugs and kisses especially for my little rugrats.

i like to take pictures.

but sometimes i like to just capture it in my head.

which makes me wonder:

what do you like to take pictures of?


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