failing to find the words

typing …

oh, come on. that just won’t do. that’s terrible.

erasing …

staring at a blank screen …

months and months and months of a story in my head and …


i don’t know what i’m trying to say. well. that’s a lie. i know. it just doesn’t come out right. nothing i say does it justice.

amazing? overused.

perfect? blech.

storybook? yes. but still not enough.

i’m still working on the story. but nothing comes out right.

it’s so damn prosaic.

and that’s the best way to describe the story the way i tell it.



so, here’s the deal.

all i know is my heart is happy.

my days are bright.

my feet barely touch the ground.

and i simply can’t wait to see him again.


that’s my story.


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