why didn’t you buy popsicles?

you said you’d buy popsicles and now it’s bedtime and you didn’t buy them.


oh, if you only knew. knew what was in my head and why i didn’t buy popsicles and why that is really, really the last thing on my mind. and you know what? if you want popsicles, speak up. and not at 9:30 at night. remember. as in, when we are passing the frozen foods aisle and you see them. say something. remember. ok?

and … say something.

please say something.


she knew what she wanted. and you know what?

she couldn’t get it either.


sometimes life sucks.

sometimes life doesn’t suck.

and sometimes … well, sometimes you’re stuck somewhere between the life you thought you wanted and the life you’ve been handed and you are just RIGHT THERE.

right on the cusp of something so fucking amazing. and you can see it. you can feel it. hell. you can almost grasp it.

but …


will you get us popsicles tomorrow?

close the door. it’s dark. it’s not time. now isn’t the time.


you know what? sleepy music doesn’t make me so much sleepy as it makes me want to cry my head off. but that’s not really a surprise. who listens to this shit? and christ.

the door.

is opening.


it’s tea time and quiet music time. don’t they get it?


yes. yes. YES, we will buy popsicles tomorrow. now go to bed. again.


just go to bed.


it’s right there. it is RIGHT THERE.

my hand is out.

take it.

it’s right there.


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