i gots me a christmas tree

it’s hard to believe it’s been a year.

strike that.

that’s utter bullshit and even i know it. feels like forever, really.

a lot has changed, ya know. did i tell you i got a christmas tree? yeah. last year was too depressing without one. i barely remember the holiday at all. i have visions of swearing at some stupid-ass lights i just bought that already were half-burned out after only one day. but at least i had lights out on my new railing. it was something. it made me smile. even if it looked absolutely ridiculous.

life sucks sometimes. and then … you know what? then it doesn’t.


this isn’t a post about me falling apart or whatever. i guess it’s, well, a coming-out of sorts. for those of you asking “what the hell is going on with the jacksons?”

well, the jacksons seem to be doing just fine, thankyouverymuch. all five of us. we are kicking ass in our own ways. we are apart, yet together. and it works.

and did i tell you i got a christmas tree? well, i did. it’s fake and i love every bit of it.

it kicks ass, too, yo.




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