so it turns out i’m always right …

… or so I like to tell myself.

But in this case, well, you know.

So, who had the passport, you ask?

(Ha, ha. I know there really are only two or three of you out there really reading this, and you already know how it turns out, but let’s be honest. I’m really writing this for me so I can remember the story when I’ve completely lost my mind, in, oh, about 6 months or so …)

Let’s just say my gut was right.

It turns out the man, the American who ran down the alleged wallet nabber? Well, I did know him. Or I had seen him before at least.

You see, I had been working backstage during our convention and this guy was the person we hired to help us find and book our talent for our show. I had stood next to him, said hi to him, smiled at him and hustled by him, oh, probably 20 times or more.

I knew his face was familiar!

So from what I gather, when he and his wife realized they had my passport, he looked on Facebook to find me, still not realizing I was an employee with the company he had been working with. He looked for my name and asked his son to send me a message through Facebook. I never got the message.

Meanwhile, I had told my boss, Jo Lynn, who I thought it was, and she tried calling him and we emailed him. But he was on a train to Paris, and wasn’t receiving emails right then.

But all ended well. He and his wife did the right thing after all, and I didn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars extra to take a train to Bern. I did, unfortunately, lose my money on the night I didn’t stay at the hotel in Paris and I had to buy another train ticket to replace the one I didn’t take the night before. Still, losing a couple hundred dollars was better than losing my mind.

Which I almost did.

But it made for a fun story, no?

Do you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about? Read Part 1, Part 2 and yes, Part 3 to get a clue.


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