Year of going crazy

I’ve been thinking.

I kinda sorta think my year of going crazy needs some sort of climax.

I went to Paris alone this past July looking for just that. Some sort of ending and beginning. I really thought that would be it. I’d wander the streets and find what I needed. Get over the people and things that continue to haunt me.

I was wrong. It didn’t work. Total failure.

Or was it??

I’m still unraveling, yes. But definitely a bit more slowly. And it might end up getting worse. OR it might be a good thing. The tricky part? Pulling away that last piece that tethers me to all that is my life today and sets me free to find what tomorrow brings.

Kinda like the caged bird that got away. Yeah. The one I’ve shown many of you that I want to get as a tattoo. That. Flying free. (And you say “TATTOO? SHE HAS GONE CRAZY!” And I say “GET OVER IT.”)

So yeah. My year of going crazy … or finding myself. Call it what you will.

Am I in or out of the woods? Who’s standing with me? Am I alone? Are you here with me?

I guess we shall see …


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