me? happy?

It seems funny to think about it. Some chick making money off writing a book that explains how she set out on a quest to be happy. She said she wasn’t really unhappy, just not happy enough. So she wrote a book. And I guess she probably got happy. I don’t know. I’m not to the end yet.

In fact, I’m only on page 10 of “The Happiness Project” and it already makes me wonder what I would put on my list of things to do this year to make myself happier. And if I’d even take time to do a list. And once I wrote the list if I’d really care enough to follow it. I’m not all that good with lists. I usually lose them.

I suppose I have a mental list of things I’m probably already working on. And then there are other things … things I guess I haven’t quite figured out yet.

In the book (you know, in those first 10 pages or so) the author hits on a few things she calls “Secrets of Adulthood.” And this got me to thinking and wondering what the hell I’ve learned so far, how it got me where I am today, and where it might take me next. And if any of it has anything to do with how happy or unhappy I really am.

Scary shit to think about, I suppose. But here are a few that came to my head as I type this … with really no thinking at all. And since I’m not thinking about it, my guess is this list will change. Oh, and as she points out in her list, mine isn’t the same as yours. And it shouldn’t be.

What I’ve learned along the way and comes to mind right now with no thinking:

  • You really aren’t getting anywhere in life if you aren’t honest with everyone … starting with yourself.
  • Being a parent is the scariest thing anyone can ever do.
  • “They” were right when “they” said you should probably make your passion your priority.
  • Attending a party is better than being a party planner.
  • Knowing your dreams is good. Going after them is life-changing.
  • Admitting you need help is difficult and something not everyone can master.
  • Sometimes you make it to your mid-thirties and realize what you thought you wanted might not be true.
  • Hugs are really, really kick-ass.
  • Little boys are really fun after all and some women are just made for raising them.
  • It’s called “work” for a reason.
  • Laughing is really important and probably makes the world go ’round.
  • Some people actually believe they don’t need love. I am not one of those people.
  • Loneliness is ugly and creeping and enveloping.
  • Music is powerful and can bring out every single emotion within minutes.
  • Sweet tea cures all ills … except toothache.
  • Deadlines are sacred.
  • Some people just suck and there’s nothing you can do about it.
  • Some days are better than others.
  • Friendships are hard to keep if you don’t try.
  • True friendship, the kind where you love the other, is rare.
  • It’s exhausting (and rewarding) to love with all you have.
  • Spending the day doing what you want to do makes your heart feel good.
  • It’s nice to think about that moment each day that made you smile. Even better if you write it down and remember it later.
  • It’s so important to notice the little things.

So, yeah. What have I learned? Who the hell knows. Maybe very little. Yet, I feel I could go on and on.

But now, now I need time to ponder.


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