Hookah Amish

Funny how the mind works.

While lying in bed last night I was thinking of a few things a dear friend of mine told me a few days ago. Things that I haven’t been able to get off my mind since then. I was having trouble falling asleep and the words were just blowing around in my brain. You know, kinda like the words that float from the Caterpillar’s mouth in Alice in Wonderland. I swear I wasn’t smoking a hookah pipe before bed, either. Just happens my mind works like that sometimes.

Yep. Losing it.

Or, maybe not.

As the Caterpillar asked Alice, “Who are you?” … I suppose this question makes a lot of sense when I turn it on myself.

At this very moment … Who am I?

Her answer was something that seems so applicable right now as well, as she answered “I hardly know, sir, just at present-at least I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then.”

The Caterpillar gets all pissed off and yells at Alice. Tells her “Explain yourself!”

And then she simply says, “I can’t explain myself I’m afraid, sir, because I’m not myself, you see.”

Dude. I love this book. Obviously. But gosh almighty I swear to God this is my life lately.

So back to my bed …

As I’m lying there all feeling not like myself and seeing words floating around in my head I guess I fell asleep at some point because then, the next thing I know, I woke up with Little Man in my bed and the thoughts of Amish men.

Swear. To. God.

It was all freaky and odd but I was thinking or dreaming about being alone in bed and then obviously I wasn’t alone and you know how sometimes dreams are weird like that and you dream you have to pee cause you really do?

Well yeah.

I was dreaming about being alone and needing someone in bed and then VOILA!

Little Man Luke was there.

And then for some reason in my dream/floating-words phase I thought of trees and Amish men.

And that’s where it made no sense.

Or did it?

I was thinking about being lonely and then I was thinking/dreaming of missing my family back in PA and then I was thinking/dreaming about houses and needing more space and finding land to build my dream house and then all of a sudden that dream house, which is surrounded by TREES! and WATER! catches the eye of some young Amish boy who is galloping by in his buggy. And dude. He wanted me for my trees.

Now see, for those of you city folk, this seems absurd. But this shit has happened to me. Well, it happened to my dad actually, one of the last times I was home. There was a knock at the door and some Amish dude wanted to buy my mom and dad’s trees. They live in the middle of the woods and I guess trees are like gold to Amish dudes. You know. So they can raise a barn or build some furniture that totally kicks ass.

Just sayin’ … it’s true. Amish dudes rule.


That was why I posted what I posted to Facebook last night (Memory jogger: Just woke up with strong urge to write about beds and love and family and writing and the Amish. Too tired to explain. Had to write this just so I’d remember tomorrow…)  when I woke up all freaked out by hookah smoking messages in my dreams about LOVE! and the FUTURE! and FRIENDS! and LONELINESS! and my BED! and …

it’s all so confusing.

Anyway. That’s it. That’s my story of how loneliness, love, beds, houses, trees, friends, family, caterpillars, hookah pipes and Amish dudes came together one night in my sleep.

Happy dreams, yo.


One thought on “Hookah Amish

  1. The Amish in Grabill, north of Fort Wayne, buy trees to make pallets. So though the dream is all so confusing, it’s still quite palletable. You’re not entirely bonkers.

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