a love story. one of the chapters.

NOTE: These are words I plan to use for a love story I’m working on, a love story based on true events from my own life, stories I’ve heard from friends and friends of friends. No names will be used so that nobody is embarrassed or hurt.
But yes, the stories are true. And yes, they might be yours. But you told them to me or sent them to me or sent me copies of emails, texts, letters, you had received.
So with that, I have your blessing. So with that, here we go.

It’s a love story. It’s sometimes sweet and sometimes painful and usually complicated.

But it is or was love in some form at some time. 

When she tried to leave numerous times, he used words like


So when he left, she was left
in pain.

None of it made sense. All the proof was there. They shared. They lived. They loved.

And then …

he walked.

Now she sits with the words on her screen,
a distant memory of a love they once knew.

A love he walked away from.

But his words hang in the air. It was only a few days, a week, a couple weeks, since he hinted that the feelings were not gone.

Not forever.

Not like he makes her feel now.

He said things like

“People who feel like we do don’t have goodbyes.”


“I love you more than any other person can love a person.”

And now?

Now he says things like

“I would really like to be your friend.”

Now she’s crushed. In pieces.

Because now the sweet words he once used are not sent from his lips to her heart.

Instead, his words are now just filler for a chapter in someone else’s love story.


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