a true love story

So yeah. Here’s the deal.

I have a lot of notes and emails and instant messages and stories of my own and from my friends that I’ve been gathering and saving and remembering and rolling around in my brain.

And you know what I realized?

I think I have the beginning of a little love story to tell.

Or maybe it’s more of a story about love and loss and friendships gained and lost and rebuilding relationships that mean the most and are worth saving.

I have loved. I have lost. I have made friends and lost them. And I’ve fought to regain friendships. I fight to hold on to a few as well.

Life isn’t always easy. But our relationships, in my opinion, are what make us who we are. How we deal with people, with adversity, with love, with friendships, with loss.

How do we deal with ourselves in our darkest hours? I’m not always happy with where I’ve allowed myself to go in my darkest hours, but it hopefully will make me stronger. When I am happy and smiling, I can kick this world’s ass. And when I’m sad, it’s not pretty. That’s my doing, nobody else’s. I seem to do everything with such passion lately. When things are good for me, they are really, really good. And when things are not, well, I can’t breathe.

We all have stories to tell. Sometimes they are hard to share. Sometimes they shouldn’t be shared. But then, sometimes baring our souls helps us move on.

I have loved. I still love. I hold on. I will hold on till the ropes are cut. That’s where I am. I care. I care more than I should, and I know that.

But at the end of the day, my story is mine. And nobody can  take that away from me.

I will choose my friends and I will hold them close. I will trust. I will continue to be me. I will be. I will love and laugh and read and write and play with my kids and get out and snap photos. I will continue to live.

So, yeah. I think I’ll probably gather up some of what I’ve collected … the real, emotional stories, and share them. I will probably add to those with stories from others.

Someday, I will share.

Someday, when the time is right.

As I said, I think I have the makings to share a true love story. Complete with love and loss and pain and joy.

Something many people will relate to in some way.


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