Lasting memories

I got out my change purse today and smiled. It’s just a small souvenir I got in Mexico years ago, hand stitched in colorful threads in unique patterns. The top row is purple, followed below by a pattern of yellow and blue.

I smiled as I rubbed my thumb along the line where yellow and blue had blurred into green, a lasting image of my time spent exactly one year ago today on another international trip. The greening of the threads occurred at the pool one night when I accidentally got the purse wet with chlorine water as I sat trying to cool off from the most obnoxious 100-degree Panamanian heat.


It was such an amazing trip and I met the sweetest people. I made lasting friendships and will carry with me some unforgettable, lasting memories.

One of my life’s highs most definitely happened here when I WALKED ACROSS the Panama Canal. Even if you’ve visited the locks at the Panama Canal, you probably didn’t WALK ACROSS THEM. I did. How kick-ass is that? Seriously. It is. And it’s a memory that I’ll never forget.

I also got to see the Canal expansion project, and talked with folks who work on the Panama Canal … folks who could tell us all the ins and outs and interesting stories that other visitors might not hear.

It was very, very cool, I must say.

Anyway. I’m not bragging. Just looking back with a smile to an amazing opportunity to meet some wonderful people and see the sites in Panama. It’s a stunning country. It really, really is. If you get the chance to  go, I recommend it. And if it’s hot when you’re there, like it usually is, find the hotel pool. Don’t sit around in your own sweat like I did for days. I don’t know why I didn’t look for it sooner. Cool off under the stars. Just make sure to take your wallet or change purse out of your shorts pocket before sitting down on the side the pool. Ha!

And while you’re there, make new friends. The people in Panama are so sweet and lovely. I hope to get back someday. Soon. I hold it dear in my heart.

The following photos were all taken on the 16th of April, 2010. One year ago today.

Self portrait

Closest I got to the ocean!

El Chorrillo, Panama


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