Lemi tell you. This works

I am stunned. Amazed. Speechless.

I need a year's supply of this stuff. For real.

I have been so irritated (READ: PISSED OFF) about my freakin’ dishwasher. I bought a ton of new pots and pans and cookie sheets and silverware and a fun ice cream scoop and then it hit.

Hard water buildup.

My dishes came out of the dishwasher looking nastier than when they went in. And I’m not exaggerating. The buildup was immediate and was like chalk, only it didn’t come off. I could scrape it with my fingernails and it would flake off a bit, but it wouldn’t come off completely. It was nasty and made me angrier every time I tried to do any dishes. It made me mad enough that I started washing certain dishes that weren’t completely ruined by hand.

I tried a bunch of popular name brand items that claimed to remove exactly what I was seeing. I tried Cascade products and Jet Dry and a few others but nothing was making  a difference.

This is the spoon before Lemi Shine and after trying numerous other products ...

Then, the other day I found something called Lemi Shine. And Lemi tell ya, I am speechless.

I followed the directions but didn’t hold my breath. After all, nothing else worked. Why would this?

This is where I must tell you that of course I am not getting paid to say this. Duh.

But yeah. Here’s the deal.

It freaking rocks.

And yes I got it at Walmart.

And yes I plan to get more.

And yes the photos should tell you all you need to know if you have crappy hard water stains that haunt you like I do.

I mean … like I did. 🙂

In case you want to know more about how it works and whether you can clean other things other than your dishes (YOU CAN!), check out this site that I found about it. I think there are some of you out there who could use this on your shower doors. But I’m not naming any names.

Shiny and almost like new after using Lemi Shine. Amazing. Really!


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