Happy places

I walked to the edge and looked over.

The ocean was strong. Pounding. Loud. The sky was blue and free of clouds. Friends and lovers were laughing and chatting all around. The wind felt great in my hair. Against my face.

This place had been on my mind since I last spent time here. This had become my happy place on the west coast … to go with my happy place on the east coast. Similar in that both offer a perfect view of the ocean. Complete with the smells and the salt in the air. Seems I find happiness and pleasure while sitting watching the waves … and breathing it all in.

Just breathing.

Where is your happy place? Have you found it? Do you need to travel to it or is it nearby? Are you lucky enough to have more than one?

I hope to one day spend more time here.

The secret spot is Sunset Cliffs in San Diego. And if there is anyone out there who would like to go with me next time, to see the views, watch the sun slip below the horizon and breathe it all in, I’m game.

And some great Mexican food and drinks is sure to follow.

Until then, tell me about your happy place!


2 thoughts on “Happy places

  1. Cade’s Cove, on the edge of the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. A connection felt the first time I visited that has never fled. A previous life-like connection to a small pocket of harmony, peace and hallowed ground. The only place on earth–to date–where regardless of situation, life dissolves and all that is left is the Cove and me.

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