middle man thinks he’s famous

When author Kate Inglis released her first book, The Dread Crew, I was quick to inquire about ways to get it in the United States. The book hit the stands only in Canada during the beginning of its first edition run, so I ordered a copy over Amazon.ca. (You can find it here now.) It got to my door in less than 36 hours! How incredible is that?!

I quickly opened the box and carefully lifted the book out of its wrapping. I brushed it off, opened it to a random page, then thrust my nose right into its pages.

Really. No, seriously.

That’s how much I love books. I smell them. I treat them like a prized possession. In fact, if I were Kate and I had a bunch of boxes of my book lying around my house ready to ship out to stores, I fear I’d not be able to let go. I’d want to save them all and keep them in pristine condition.

But another part of me would want every eager, mischievous child to get his or her hands on a copy. When our kids were really little, in fact, they loved board books. They slobbered all over them and chewed the hard pages till the edges were wet and peeling back. It was painful at first to watch my children ruin books like this. And in fact, I didn’t allow it right away. I would grab the book from their chubby little hands and say, “No, no, no!” (I know that isn’t the best reaction, but hey. I’m just being honest.) But I also understood that this was their way of showing their love of books. They’d look at the bright colored pages and then start gnawing on them. And you know what? Eventually it made my heart melt.

So today when Kate sent me a message through Twitter, asking if she had my permission to post a photo to her blog that I took of my Middle Man with our copy of Dread, I also melted. Of course I’d LOVE for my photo of him to land on her page. I loved that she loved seeing him love on her book.

If you haven’t read it, be sure to grab a copy. We’ve had fun reading it together and spending hours on the Dread Crew site, too. Absolutely addictive. 

To see Middle Man’s photo on her blog, go here.

He’s also right here. On his not-so-famous mom’s blog. 🙂

Oh, and his favorite character is Missy Bullseye.

For those who don’t know (and I figure there are very few of you out there who DO NOT know this), my birthday falls on Talk Like a Pirate Day. So I feel a bit piratey myself.

And as for our boys, well, now they have their own pirate names. But we’re not tellin’ what they are. Cause as you know, for now, they’re just Big Man, Middle Man and Little Man. At least most of the time.

And now, if only a few days, Middle Man thinks you can just call him famous.


2 thoughts on “middle man thinks he’s famous

  1. Oh, his favourite is Missy, and I’m melting over here. That’s so great. Tell him that the next book is all about Missy. And Eric too, and a whole lot of new adventure… but from Missy’s perspective.

    This makes me so happy. And yeah. Doesn’t it smell divine? I tried to get Nimbus to add Eau du Compost to make it more authentic. They said no. Hmph.

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