Project 365: Day 35

Project 365: Day 35, originally uploaded by otherjackson5.

I know. You think this is just a boring post showing a photo of my shoes.

But seriously, if you knew how much these shoes liked to party, you’d understand why I’m sharing this shot.

My shoes know how to party. They have these amazing adventures all over the city. It’s just that I’m not usually in them when they go out.

I know it sounds questionable. But I swear these shoes go out on the town without me. When I’m not looking. And they snicker and judge me while I’m stuck at home. Then, they set themselves out like this. So innocent.

You think that just because you’re a Mary Jane style and every little girl cartoon character seems to wear you so sweetly that you can get away with it?

I think not. I’m on to you and your late-night antics.

I’m watching you. Yeah, you.

By the way, do your favorite shoes stab you in the back, too? Leave your toes exposed with nowhere to goes?

No? Are you sure? I mean, realllllly sure?


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