Project 365: Day 18. Crafty at dinnertime

First of all, let me say that dinnertime usually sucks in our house.

And on weekends, the only two days a week we actually eat together as a family, it can be really stressful to not be able to sit down and enjoy a nice dinner without all the nonsense of kids laughing, burping, talking about poo and butts and pretty much failing in every way to follow any sort of rules.

So, in an attempt to make dinnertime less hectic, a lot quieter and simply more pleasant, this weekend we did something nuts.

We had a candlelight dinner.

With our kids.

And you know what? It worked.

Our oldest said, “This is a new experience for me. I like it!” (Yes. He really talks like that. NOT my fault.)

They all thought it was “so cool” to eat dinner by candlelight. It was dark. I think at first they didn’t know how they’d see well enough to eat. They thought it was hysterical that adults go on dates and eat in the dark at fancy restaurants. I forget what that even looks like. I think adults still do this.

Since it worked so well last night, I decided to do it again tonight. After all, I’m home alone with them tonight. I need all the help I can get to soothe the situation. To hold the crazies at bay.

So I turned the lights out and lit the candles. Then I took a photo (or two or 200). Notice which child is moving. A LOT.

It was going well. For a bit. But then, the usual happened.

Things went nuts.

Even though I pulled out all the stops with dim lighting and Chris Botti on iTunes. It didn’t stop my monsters from laughing, standing up at the table, walking around and playing with their food.

Next thing I knew, Little Man had created the Leaning Tower of Pisa. With Cheez-Its.

At least he’s crafty, I suppose.

Notice who is going wild in the background. Surprised?

I think not.

So here’s to Day 18 of Project 365. An ode to crazy dinner ideas.


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