the one about that time of year when I lose it

Everyone’s all festive and smiley and singing carols and every other car has a Christmas tree tied to the roof.

Everyone’s all freakin’ happy and talking about finishing their shopping and about what they’re getting and giving and what foods they plan to eat.

And this is exactly when I shut down. I can’t take it any longer.

Yup. It’s that time of year when I lose it.

You see, hubby and I weren’t so good on our fertility planning, it seems, and we have a REALLY CRAPPY month every December.

Why? You ask?

Well, it goes like this.

Dec. 11 is Big Man’s birthday. Seven days later it’s Middle Man’s birthday. Seven days later is Christmas. Seven days later is New Year’s.

Add in a salary cut and a few furloughs and Voila! December sucks.

And for some reason, dear hubby never listens to me (I love you, babe! But you don’t) and we NEVER start shopping early for any of this craziness. NEVER.

And here it is, December something or other, and we haven’t purchased crap. I finally got a few things online this past weekend, which helps, but it doesn’t make a dent in what we need to accomplish over a short couple of weeks.

So what? So what? You think it’s easy to just go out and buy stuff and get it over with? You don’t feel bad for me?

Come on. Feel my pain.

I sometimes (almost always) feel like a single mom (shout out to you single moms. YOU ROCK). I’m HOME ALONE with the kids (THREE BOYS!!!) all night every weekday while hubby works. Makes it a little tough to do anything. And shopping with them is out of the question. They’re obviously going to notice me loading up the cart with Bakugan and Pokemon and Wii games.


And we have no family in town. No built-in, free babysitters.

Yo, it sucks paying a sitter every stinkin’ time you need to run an errand without kids. Sucks.

So yeah. Again. Woe is me.

I reserve the right to lose it. It’s December. Bah humbug.

(P.S. I actually LOVE birthdays and Christmas. LOVE them. It’s that whole leading up to them that sucks eggs.)


5 thoughts on “the one about that time of year when I lose it

  1. Holy hell. How could I forget to add in THAT MY SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED ON DEC. 19? Yeah. So we have that going on as well. I must’ve already lost it since I forgot to mention that one. Doh!

  2. In similar fashion, after x-mas we have our wedding anniversary – jan 8 – jyllian’s b-day – jan 19 – and my b–day (jan 25).
    But in my perspective I used feel like I got screwed because all my celebrations were within a month of each other. Nothing the rest of the year.
    But now I have fathers day at the mid point of the year.
    nothing better than that one any way.

  3. Feel your pain. Except it is January and it goes something like this… 1st FIL, 4th MIL, 12th aunt, 13th Mom, 14th BIL, 17th Dad, 25th uncle, 26th ME, 28th my oldest, 30th Gramma!
    Add in that for the month of December my Husband and I are a little off as he was raised in a secular Jewish household and I in a Catholic one. Hanukkah and Christmas clashing…UGH!

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