the warm and fuzzies

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks in the Jackson house. The kids are, on one hand, driving me nuts and making me want to walk in front of the next Polar Express train to roll into town.

But then, on the other hand, they go and say something sweet and do something amazing that makes me love them even more.

Gah. It’s all just too much to handle.

But it’s that time of year where I have to love them. The glimmer in their eyes is almost too much to take. They’re excited about the holidays, their upcoming bdays, etc. It’s just a fun, exciting time.

It’s also a time to teach them-again-about the value and importance of helping others who are in need. We’ve taught our kids about community service and they have all taken part in service in one form or another. So I shouldn’t be too surprised that our oldest decided he wanted to pitch the idea to his teacher and principal that his school start a Pennies for Peace ( program. Pennies for Peace is a project started by Greg Mortenson, author of Three Cups of Tea. The Pennies for Peace program offers schools, clubs, children, families, etc., a chance to help children in Pakistan and Afghanistan through the collection of PENNIES. Our sons are going to help launch this program at their school, and they are thrilled. I am thrilled. I think it’s fantastic. They are so interested in learning more about these countries, the children who live there, and how they can help by collecting pennies.

They’ve also helped me pick out food to donate to a food pantry and some of their old coats to donate to a shelter. Now they keep pointing out what toys they don’t use anymore and want to donate those as well. Looks like a trip to Goodwill is in our future.

It’s a great time. I know a lot of people think this way only during the holidays. I’m lucky to get the warm and fuzzies all year long, since my kids actually DO have hearts.

And because of that, they melt mine.


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