happy birthday, baby

Dear Little Man,

You turned three yesterday. We had a few friends and family over to celebrate. We had a Thomas the Tank Engine theme. Of course we did … what else would we have? You LOVE Thomas and everything TRAINS. 🙂

Gosh, how three feels old compared to two. Three, in my mind, is like the last of the “little guy” birthdays. When you’re four, I’ll just fall apart. No more babies in the house.

Three. Sigh.


It seems like just a few days ago that I waddled my huge butt into the hospital to have you. I was terrified this time around to get the epidural (scheduled c-section, so I had very little choice … I think being numb for such things is probably best.) I remembered how awful it felt the second time I had one, and I was NOT looking forward to that horrible burning pressure again. Thankfully it wasn’t so bad. Yeah, it hurt like hell. But at least this time I didn’t feel it going all the way up spine, hitting every nerve along the way. NOT fun.

But yeah. You were three yesterday. And what a big boy you’ve become. It was less than 9 months ago that you barely talked at all. You hardly said any words … and you didn’t say “Mom” … ever. Which, by the way, broke my heart.

But this week you melted all our hearts with your little voice. Now you’re saying things like “You are my best friend!” and “I love you” and “This is my Thomas Train, I think.” Everything is “I think” all of a sudden. You make us laugh so much. You’re even singing “Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me …”


You also melted our hearts when opening your gifts. Your face was so sweet to watch. You honestly were sooo giddy on every gift … you absolutely adored everything. Even your Aunt Michelle, who was worried you’d hate her gifts (all clothes … and LOTS of them!), was so thrilled when you literally HUGGED your new clothes. You smiled big at every card and gift card. You are the sweetest little boy on the planet. You already show so much compassion, love and sweetness. You have such a caring heart.

We love you so much, Little Man. You are three now. You are such a big boy. And you’re on your way to an incredible future filled with many more sweet moments.

Happy birthday.











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