you’re older than me. still.


We have a lot in common yet we are nothing the same. It’s hard to explain, yet you know what I mean.

I remember watching as you’d leave with friends when I was younger. I always wished I could come along. Then I remember being old enough to go along and then wishing I hadn’t. Take for instance the time the cop hit our car or the time we were chased on foot by an old man or the time I freaked out at you almost hitting another car then slamming into a huge mud puddle in a gravel parking lot.

Fun times. Glad they’re over. No offense.

You always seemed just out of reach. When I went to high school, you were finally done. When you moved to live with Gram, I had already left for college. Then you left for North Carolina and have never come back.

For a while we attempted to live together. I think we both realized it was good that that didn’t last too long. But at least we got a few good memories from it. Can you say MAD WHACKER?

We haven’t always gotten along. But I’ve always wished we did.

I haven’t always liked you but I’ve always loved you.

I know you have hated me at times as much as I’ve hated you.

Nice message to send, but you know what I mean.

We’re sisters. Sometimes we hate each other. But you’re always my big sister.

And for that, I thank you. And I say this.

Love ya. Miss ya.

Happy Birthday, sis.

You’re OLD. 🙂


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