ready for some football

It smells like school in the mornings.

I think that every year around this time. It actually smelled that way a week or so before school started. Something changed. Something shifted. One morning, I woke up and went out to my car and there it was.

The smell of school. The smell of change. The smell of … fall. Even before it’s technically here. It smells like fall.

And I love it.

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the smells, the tastes, the colors, the feeling in my chest when I take a long, deep breath. It smells clean. It smells … good.

Fall also means football is here, and that brings a wide smile to myself that most people know is not usually there. (I don’t smile a lot. Kill me.)

In honor of school, air that smells yummy and football, I give you these photos taken a couple weekends ago during a work trip to Arkansas. These photos were taken in the final days of the 56th Annual Kiwanis Kid’s Day Football program in Springdale. All the kids play (or cheer) for free in this event. And it’s super popular. And it’s fun. A LOT of fun.


And Happy Air Smells Good Mornings.






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