shutter sister

My latest obsession? Shutter Sisters. I’m up late at night looking, dreaming, wishing I could be …

… Wishing I had one ounce of the talent these women exude from every pore.

I haven’t jumped head-first into actually taking part in their Flickr photo galleries or anything just yet. I’m too embarrassed. I know what’s good, what’s great, and what sucks. It’s hard to put yourself out there for the critiques. The furrowed brows. The rolling eyes.

But beauty’s in the eye of the beholder, as “they” say, so I’ll probably jump in soon. Just not yet.

Photography has been a passion of mine forever. I want to learn more. Part of me wants to take more classes. The photo classes I took for college were so long ago (and were FILM! Again, GASP!) that they seem like they happened to someone else. But another part of me wants to just do what I do best, which is capture what I see and allow it to become whatever it becomes. I’ve mostly taught myself tricks of the trade and gotten a little better here and there simply because I LOVE TAKING PICTURES. I always have. I literally take hundreds (READ: ALMOST A THOUSAND) when I am on vacation or a photo shoot for work (or play). Once vacations are over, I have such a different memory of the entire trip because I was always looking through the lens of a camera. I am the one who documents our family’s lives. I’m the one who my family can thank for having ANY photos of ANYTHING we’ve done. I guess at the same time I’m the one who can be blamed that we sometimes have, like I said, HUNDREDS of photos of the same day or same event.

Blame me for our computers running v e r y s l o w l y … too many HUGE PHOTOS ON THE DESKTOP.


But with all of this said, I’m posting a funny photo I just found (on my desktop, of course) of my husband and Middle Man. This photo comes to you on the heels of this post on Shutter Sisters, which was a lovely tribute to boys. As you well know, I’m surrounded by them. I have lots of photos to choose from. But this one? This one rocks my world.

It’s not a “great” photo. Hell, it’s not even a really good photo. I just love it for what it is: A sweet moment my hubby man spent with our son after daddy, the graduate, came home from receiving his well-deserved MBA. The boys had a cute moment outside being silly, giggling and, well, picking their noses.

My husband forbids me to use his photo on my blog or Facebook or Twitter or anywhere else, but I’m making an exception.

This one’s worth sharing.

This one is priceless.

I love my boys. Boogers and all.



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