the only jackson 5?

Someone told me the other day that we’re now the only Jackson 5, so my blog/Twitter name doesn’t work anymore.


I guess this post is overdue.

Michael Jackson died.

Let the jokes begin. Like the time we checked in at the Ritz-Carlton in Maui, only to have the dude at the counter say, “The real Michael Jackson just checked out of here last week.”

The “real” Michael Jackson? Does that mean my hubby is a robot? Alien? Blow-up doll?

I’ve even been asked which Jackson I am. “Ha! Are you LaToya or Janet?”

Uh, yeah.

I always say, “It’s Kasey. Miss Jackson if you’re nasty.”

Hee hee.

So yeah. The jokes. We’ve heard them all.

Well, actually, we haven’t.

That’s what’s weird now that the gloved one is gone. We haven’t gotten any jokes. My husband says he has not heard a peep from anyone.

Hmm. What’s up? Even my brother-in-law says HE got e-mails the day Michael died, all saying things about our Michael and asking how his brother-in-law was and if he was still alive. Ha-ha.

But this Michael Jackson in our house has heard NOTHING.

When I talked to him that day, I actually broke the news. He had seen news that he was in a coma, but not that he had died. When I told Michael he actually had died, he was dumbstruck. Speechless. I actually had to hang up the phone, saying, “Dude. I had no idea you cared this much. I’ll just talk to ya later when you can speak.” There was simply some grunting and “Oh my god” comments on the other end.

Later, when he could talk about it (seriously, he was a mess), he told me: “You don’t get it. I’ve lived my entire life with comparisons and jokes. It’s so weird to think he’s dead. He’s DEAD. He was 50, Kasey. This has been my whole life. I just can’t believe it.”

I guess I thought he was freaked out to read the headlines: “Michael Jackson is dead”

That would be weird to have your name in headlines as being deceased. A bit creepy, I suppose.

There are undoubtedly other Jackson families with Michael as the front man. But I certainly can say this Jackson 5 family is bummed. Even my kids love Michael Jackson songs. They know it’s weird that everyone was talking about Michael Jackson being dead.

It was funny the other day, though, when I called a friend and caller ID popped up on their television as I was calling. It read “Michael Jackson.” Her daughter got a kick out of that. I guess it’s funny to a kid to get a call from someone famous. Especially someone famous who just died.

So I guess the jokes will go on. Right now, though, all is quiet.



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