So yeah. We’ve been busy. From kids leaving for three weeks to me going to Nashville for work to all of us driving to N.C. for vacation and back with several stops along the way … we’ve been busy. Too busy having fun to write. So I’ll just post a few photos to show you what we’ve been up to this summer. It’s been a blast so far!

Oh, and the kids say that if you haven’t been gem mining before, you need to go. Fun time had by all! We went to Randall Glen Gem Mine northwest of Asheville, North Carolina, and found garnets, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and several other pretty, shiny things. 🙂






2 thoughts on “Busy

  1. The gems and rocks you see above are just a sampling of what we found. This is just one ziploc baggie of stuff … we had three!!!

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