do something

It’s time to get off your butt. It’s time to do something. And I don’t mean go to the mall and buy a new pair of shoes (unless you’re about to donate those shoes to someone who really needs them.).

It’s time to do something. For someone else.

President Obama has announced his plans for a summer service initiative, with a focus on economic recovery. That might sound too hard to tackle for many people. In fact, it might be so nebulous as to scare people away.

But let me tell you what service means to me, and how every little second we do something for someone else is a step in the right direction. A step toward recovery in every sense of the word. A way to step up and take part in a meaningful way.

I got together with a few friends of mine a couple years ago to start a new Kiwanis club that focused on serving our community in a different way. Ours is a family club, and we take that very seriously. We look for projects that not only give us a chance to do something great for our community, hopefully with a focus on children, but also something we can get our kids involved in-to teach them the importance of giving back. To teach them that life isn’t always so wonderful. That some people are not as fortunate. That sometimes people live in their cars. Some children don’t have even one book in their room to read at night. Some people don’t eat.

And a lot of these people are children.

I read a startling statistic the other day, and another one today.

There are approximately 100 million CHILDREN living in the streets in the world today. 100 MILLION.

Approximately one in every 50 children in the United States will face homelessness at one point in their life.

And here in Indianapolis where I live, it was reported today that there are 78% more homeless families in the city now than one year ago.

It’s frightening. And in this time of not knowing if there’s going to be a job tomorrow, or how you’re going to feed your kids, it’s something that has many in a horrified state.

So today, in honor of President Obama stepping up to the plate to call on ALL OF US to do something, I tell you: There’s something you can do. Go out and make a difference. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Call the Ronald McDonald House and set up a time to serve a dinner or make a donation. Donate food to a food pantry.

Just do something.

And if you want to join me and my awesome friends and all our (multiplying) children at one of our Kiwanis club projects, just drop me a note. We’d love to have you next time around!


Bubby painting a bowl to benefit a Habitat for Humanity hunger project, 2007.


2 thoughts on “do something

  1. I love this idea and have already begun doing this type of work with my kids. We’ve worked together to raise money for sick kids, and collected toys to donate to kids that might not have any. I also want to get them someday to help serve dinner at a homeless shelter, or something similar. I think teaching our children to help one another instead of helping themselves is important life lesson that should be taught early on. : ) If we all would “do something” to help someone else, the world would be such a better place!

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