young love

We’ve called our oldest “Bubby” since Middle Man was born. Well, today Bubby went over to his friend’s house to play for a few hours. This friend, a girl, has been Bubby’s “girlfriend” since they started preschool around age 3. They’re both 8 now and still in love.

However, Bubby is also in love with another girl in his class.


Today he got the big idea to TELL SAID FIRST GIRLFRIEND about his new girlfriend. He mentioned he might do this. Come clean. Get it all out there in the open.

Bubby: “I’m going to tell A (first girlfriend) about A (second girlfriend’s name also begins with an A).”

Me: “Are you sure you should do that?”

B: “Yes.”

Well, he came home all bummed out from his playdate (this term takes on a new meaning now) just now. I asked him what’s wrong.

B: “Nothing.”

Me: “Are you sure?”

B: “Yeah. I told A I have another girlfriend.”

Me: “What’d she say?”

B: “She got mad. We didn’t break up or anything, though.”

Well, that’s a relief.


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