go ahead. i dare you to do it

I’m not going to name names or get into much about this topic, other than to say you need to be VERY CAREFUL around your cat.

In fact, take my co-worker’s advice and do not EVER kiss your cat on the mouth.

You will thank me for sharing her advice. Seriously.

That being said, a full-on makeout session with your other pets is highly acceptable. It’s just cats you need to stay away from.

In fact, if you have a pet pig, or even just come across one in a petting zoo or even on the side of a country road, walk up to it and give it the biggest kiss on the lips you’ve ever given in your life. Lick that swine-flu infested hunk-o-bacon up and down. Mmm. Just the thought of it reminds me of BACON.

Oh, geez. Look what you did! What were you thinking??



3 thoughts on “go ahead. i dare you to do it

  1. I saw this picture a few weeks ago during all of the swine flu hype. Cracks me up everytime I see it. Even funnier that my daughter loves pigs so much I could see her kissing one, although maybe not quite in this manner. EWWW.

    • You don’t want to know. It is just nasty. Cats carry some nasty things around that you DO NOT want to share.

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