don’t mess with mom

There’s been some talk of tasers in the house lately, which prompted this conversation earlier tonight.

Me: She wants to buy her mom a taser for Mother’s Day?!

Our oldest son: What’s a taser?

Me: Well, it’s hard to explain. It’s sorta like a gun but not. It is something that looks like a gun but it shocks people instead of shooting a bullet.

Son: I think a card makes a better Mother’s Day gift than a taser.

Yeah. Me, too.

So I decided to google “taser” tonight to see just what folks out there are saying about them and why this idea would ever even come to anyone as being a good gift for Mother’s Day. I mean, has there been a jumping or a mugging lately that I missed? Are we under assault as moms? I know it’s naive to think we are all safe, but I also like to think that I’m safe ENOUGH. Or at least I could kick some major butt if I needed to. (Yes, I know we are all susceptible to carjackings and muggings and … whatever. I’m just sayin’ … there are probably better gifts for Mother’s Day. Buy this for “Kick Someone’s Ass Day” or “Tase ‘Em and Put ‘Em Down Day.” Not Mom’s Day.)

I guess I just don’t think moms should have to carry tasers. A gun? Maybe. But not a taser.

Hee hee.

Then I stumbled upon this…and about fell off my chair.

consumer_destiny_logo-11The taser site is actually peddling their product in a lovely pink shade for the special mom in your life.

So you tell me. Are you buying your mom FLOWERS or a TASER for this Mother’s Day?

Here’s an idea: You could get her the flowers and if she complains, you could shoot her ass with the taser. Just a thought …

Or, skip the taser and go straight for the Glock.

Now THAT’S a gift a Mom can cherish. Bam, bam.


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