the sick house

Not much to report on this end other than everyone is coughing and snotting all over the house. Fevers are still running high. The moods are not good (though that is no different than any other day).

Had to pick Middle Man up from school today. His temp was supposedly 101.7, though our new thermometer only read 97.7. Interesting.

Has anyone ever had a thermometer that actually works?

I need to go back to the original, Mercury-filled glass kind. You know, the one that if it cracks all the world comes to an end. The kind WE ALL USED AS KIDS. THE ONLY ONES THAT WORK.

We use the stupid ones that go under the arm and never work. I am not about to stick it up you-know-where … which is the other way they say to take a temp. I’m not sure I could do that to an 8-year-old. Um. No way. I know I couldn’t. That seems like child abuse. Do they really want you to do that at that age? I’m guessing no.

So anyway … my creative juices are so NOT flowing right now.

But I’ll be at work tomorrow, where I’m sure I’ll get the evil eye from those few who think I’m carrying swine flu into the building. Yup. I am. I have it in a vial and I’m dripping it on all the doorknobs.



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