Kid’s sick and mom goes to Chicago

Right now I’m sitting in my kinda-crappy hotel, the traffic outside my window so loud that it is as if the taxis and cops and ambulances are driving right by my bedside. HOLY HELL.

I headed into the big city today with little problem, especially if you take into account that I missed my exit because I was in the wrong lane and people here drive like maniacs and I couldn’t get over two lanes. Doh! My bad … but it ended up OK. Somehow I drove right to the street I needed just by keeping my eye on the Sears Tower (I read that the hotel was nearby, so I used it as a guide. Hubby would’ve been SO PROUD. Of course, I STILL TO THIS DAY get on I-465 going the wrong way every now and then. Argh.)











I then took a stroll around the city right as the power suits and pumps got out of work for the day. I headed to Union Station to nose around, and noticed the stairs down into the place are so worn that they’ve almost melted into one another, creating a sort of ramp with warning stripes to show where one ends and the next one begins. The smell of popcorn was overwhelming. Immediately I thought of a comment by my boss about some unbelievably amazing popcorn sold in Chicago, so I went on the prowl to find out if I had stumbled upon just that gold nugget. Not so much. Just a skanky stand selling $1.25 popcorn for passengers to enjoy on the ride.











I then walked several more blocks, heading deeper into the city. Figuring I wasn’t going to get too far this way, I cut across a few blocks and started to head back the direction I came, on a different street, “tweeting” and texting friends for much of the time. I was looking for somewhere to eat, even though I hate eating at restaurants alone. And I didn’t even have a notebook with me, so I couldn’t pretend I was there to do a review. Darn. I ended up getting in touch with a Chicago friend (who wasn’t in town) who told me to head over to Greek Town, since it was nearby. Whew. I almost had to eat Chicago pizza. Blah.


























(I had to add this photo because I used to be a YELP scout! Yay!)

I ended up at Athena (and I did NOT take a photo of that restaurant for some reason.) I had a delicious, yet scary, huge chunk of lamb served with potatoes. It was similar to a pot roast without the carrots and celery. Mmmm. It was comfort food at its best, I’d say. Even if I could practically see some of my friends shuddering at the fact that I was eating LAMB. YES. I. SUCK. Mama loves her meat.

Here’s a photo of said meat almost gnawed down to the bone … as much as i know MEAT LOOKS NASTY IN PHOTOS. Blah. But believe me. It was yummy.













(God, that looks awful but was SOOOO GOOD.)

Here’s something nicer to look at.


So anyway … all of this city and all of this opportunity right here in the palm of my hand and I did nothing but walk around for a bit and eat a huge meal. Because all I could focus on was my sick kid at home with his fever and chills and sore throat and nausea. Argh.

Our oldest has had flu-like symptoms (as has EVERYONE I KNOW, practically) for the past three days. I hate it when the kids are sick (duh) and I especially worry about him because he definitely gets hit worst in our house thanks to his freakin’ asthma. Argh again.

And I keep struggling with whether I want to be the loser mom who takes her kid back to the doctor (he’s been there once) to demand swabbing for swine flu or if I want to be the loser mom who waits too long to do anything and it gets worse. Obviously, I’d rather be on the safe side, but we do run the risk of making this whole swine flu thing more than it is.

BUT MAMA JUST LOGGED ON AND SAW TWO MORE CASES IN INDIANA … and they are WAY TOO CLOSE TO HOME TO NOT WORRY. (I am a huge worrier, in case you didn’t know.)

So yeah, there’s this really loud, amazing city RIGHT OUTSIDE MY WINDOW (or is it right next to my bed? GOD IT IT SO LOUD) and I’m in here BLOGGING and missing my sick little kid. And his brothers, who at this time (keeping fingers crossed and knocking on wood) are still healthy and loud and obnoxious.


ME LOVES ME KIDS and ME MISSES THEM. God. I’m a losah. I need to go home. And when I get there, I’ll wish I could come back to Chicago.

And eat here:











By the way, all these photos were shot with my cell … not ideal, I know.


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