a conversation between brothers

The following is a real conversation held in the car today between Big Bro, who is 8, and Middle Man, who is 6.

Big Bro: “Katherine told me she is going to invite me and James and Aiden to her birthday party.”

Middle Man: “Where’s the party going to be?”

BB: “At her house. She said we are the only boys invited. She said that while the girls are in one room, the boys will watch movies with her brother upstairs. She said we’ll watch Twilight.”

MM: “What’s that?”

BB: “A vampire movie. I think it’s rated PG-13.”

MM: “Cool.”

BB: ” And I think I know why she invited me.”

MM: “Why? Because she thinks you’re hot?”

BB: “Because she loves me and James. She’s just friends with Aiden. Really good friends.”

Note to self: Your 6-year-old just said a girl thinks your 8-year-old is HOT. Your children are acting like teens. It’s time to intervene. Lock them in their room. FORCE them to play with squeaky toys and building blocks. No, not LEGOS. The big, chunky ones. DO NOT LET THEM OUT OF THEIR ROOM. Otherwise, they’ll grow up. If you have to put on Barney, do it. It’s time to pull out all the stops. This could get out of hand.

(I think it already has. My 6-year-old also said “Psyche!” to me the other day, and the 8-year-old told my husband something sucks yesterday. We are in so much trouble … Next thing you know we’ll be pushing them out the door on their way to prom and then to college. Argh. He’s right. This DOES suck.)


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