give it up

What have you given up?

I started thinking tonight of all the things we give up as parents, and how our priorities change over time. Some of the things are good to give up, of course. Say, for instance, if you gave up crack to have a kid. That would be one to chock up to the “things I’ve given up that were good” side of the list.

My “things I’ve given up” side of the list is ever-growing, but it’s still outweighed by the “things I’ve gained” side-even though that side is shorter. Short is sweet, right?

I mean, kids give us meaning in life. Give us a purpose. Give us a reason to get up in the morning.

To yell. Scream. Clean the house. Wipe pee off the seat. Wipe pee off the floor. Wipe pee off the shower curtain.

Did I mention I have boys? They pee together into the toilet to make an X. Problem is, they miss. Almost every time. Swear. It’s disgusting.

But even with the pee on the walls, I think it’s time to celebrate.

Here’s my list that’s always changing and growing …

Things I’ve gained

* 3 wonderful boys

* 3 not-so-wonderful cuts to my gut

* Hugs (though limited as they grow older)

* Kisses (catching as many as I can while I can)

* Dirty house

* Dirty toilets

Things I’ve given up

* Flat stomach

* Nights out with friends

* Nights out with hubby

* Time alone

* Sanity

* Money

* Clean house

* Clean toilets

* Full, thick hair

* Romance (well, there’s a little left … )

* Listening to music I want to at home (those dirty, dirty lyrics!)

* Vacations to where I want to go

Speaking of vacations and where MOMMY wants to go … this is our 10th anniversary year. We had such big plans. We were talking about a week or two in Europe. Or a week or two back to New England, maybe to the sweet cottage we rented in Jackson, New Hampshire and then on to Maine.

We’re going nowhere.

What in the hell is that about?!

Well, I’m sure it has way more to do with the economy than it does with having kids. But since we have to feed our kids or we’ll get arrested, we can’t go on our anniversary trip. I’m definitely going to demand something BIG for the 20th. A trip to the looney bin … ?

Yeah. We give up a lot as parents. But as I said, it’s ALL worth it to get even ONE hug a day from the little ones. Those hugs. Those “moments.”

Yup. They’re the best. Makes it all worth it. Absolutely.





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