The Worst Easter Egg Hunt Ever

I am sickened and irritated and appalled at the scene I witnessed this past Saturday.

It’s true. People suck.

My hubby and I took the kids to an Easter Egg hunt. This was the first hunt for our youngest, who is only 2 1/2 years old. So I was excited for him. I couldn’t wait to see how he’d do, or even IF he’d do it. But once we got there, I could tell he was thrilled. He gripped his little baby blue and white basket with a white-knuckle grip. I also could not believe how good he was being–standing at the edge of the grass, waiting for the organizers to yell GO! (And this was more amazing since we had about 20 minutes to just STAND there, holding our spot in the first row.)

Little Man looks out at the growing crowd.

Little Man looks out at the growing crowd.

With the crowd growing and the kids getting antsy, I stepped away from 2-year-old and dad to go check on the older boys. I didn’t want them to be swallowed up by the older kids who can get a bit pushy. I sloshed through the nasty mud to see how they were holding up. They were still near the front of the group, but countless kids had surrounded them and taken over, forming a “new” front row. Surprisingly, they didn’t seem to mind. They were having fun, laughing and goofing around with their new “friends” as they gave each other bunny ears and joked about who was gonna “take the other down.”

The kids get ready to hunt for eggs. This was early, before the crowd rushed in.

The kids get ready to hunt for eggs. This was early, before the crowd rushed in.

So once the kids were given the countdown to run, they were off-jumping over mud puddles and into mud puddles and flying toward the back side of the field (everyone had the same idea.)

I figured I’d lost them and decided to give up even trying to capture a few photos, so I went in search of Little Man and Dad.

When I found them, Dad was leading Little Man across the field back toward me. Dad carried the basket. 

“What’s wrong? He didn’t want to do it?” I asked.

“Didn’t want to do it? Kasey, the people here are %*#@!*$  freaks. He didn’t have a chance to do it. The parents here are out of control. They were THROWING THEMSELVES onto the ground and scooping up the eggs while their kids watched.”


Yes. I swear. And some of the older kids ran over here with their parents to get the eggs on this side. (The field was divided by age to make it more fair. I guess that didn’t work out very well.) 

Little Man looked around at everyone as we talked and said “Egg. Egg.” Which in itself was heartbreaking since he is JUST starting to talk. He was so excited to get some eggs that he was actually saying the word as clear as that blue-sky day. All he wanted was to get some eggs to put in his basket.

Out of about 4,500 eggs in that field, LUKE DIDN’T EVEN GET ONE. 


Just then, a woman and her kids walked up and stopped near us. The woman could hardly catch her breath.

“The reason our 2-year-old didn’t get ONE EGG is because some of the mothers and fathers around here are sick, greedy freaks who threw themselves on the ground to nab as many as they could. People are sick.”

I said it so she’d hear.

She wasn’t the only one. I saw tons of out-of-breath PARENTS walking out with their kids (who all had a look on their face as if to say “That’s it? I didn’t do anything! What fun was that?”).

I also heard no fewer than five angry young mothers complaining as they left. “Well, that was a freakin’ waste of time,” one said to her friend. Both were shaking their heads.

As we caught up with our oldest two boys, we found out they each got 5 eggs. They weren’t thrilled, but they felt bad Little Man didn’t get anything. They each gave him two. While standing with them, another mom came up and asked how we did. She explained she felt the same we did-that it was a total waste of time. That parents shouldn’t even be allowed in the field. That people suck.

As we walked out, we ran into the woman who had thrown herself on the ground. By my estimate, she had at least 50-75 eggs in a huge basket. The kids were popping them open to see what was inside.

My kids said something about wishing they had gotten more. That they had gotten more candy.

We decided to go say hello to the Chick-fil-A cow who was there. They had earlier announced something about coupons … I think for free or discounted kids’ meals. I told the boys we could go see the cow and maybe get a coupon.

The coupons were gone.

We gave up and started home.

All the talk of Chick-fil-A had us hungry, so we decided to stop at Chick-fil-A on the way home. In came a family we had seen in the parking lot at the egg hunt. Mom, Dad and little boy of about 3. They walked up to the counter, held out MANY coupons, and got three kids meals to go. I don’t know what the coupons were for … but I know they were the same ones handed out. I would guess they were for free kids’ meals.

Greed. It’s a sickening thing to witness. It just proved what our society has come to. It actually made me feel sick to my stomach for a couple hours that morning. A family outing that was supposed to be fun ended up being so sad. The kids were troopers, though. Our oldest agreed that it was at least nice to spend family time outside in the sunshine. They agreed Easter morning would be better and that they’d get some treats and eggs of their own then.

We did end up having our own hunt at home Easter morning. It was a huge success.
Little Man finds an egg.

Little Man finds an egg Easter morning.

Three boys enjoy Easter morning. (Note the little guy's hand showing off his Easter egg lollipop.)

Three boys enjoy Easter morning. (Note the little guy's hand showing off his Easter egg lollipop.)

Everything wasn’t horrible at the egg hunt. Little Man did have a sweet moment with a little puppy who is training to become a service dog.
The best moment.

The best moment.


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