Antsy in the springtime. Or … Knowing when to jump ship

Does satisfaction change with the seasons? After talking with several of my girlfriends the past few weeks, I’m beginning to think there’s something to this idea.

With the buds starting to come out, signs are evident that change is going on all around us. Maybe we moms go through our own spring awakening. Maybe it isn’t just moms, though since I’m not a dad, I can’t tell you how they feel. Hell, maybe EVERYONE goes through this. It would make sense. We’ve all been stuck inside for months. It’s everyone’s right to be antsy.

Change, when it means we get what we want, is good. Right?

So here’s what I mean. I’m armed with information about many different friends of mine-all different types of women, actually. One has several kids and is in her 40s. A few are in their 30s with one or two kids. Some are in their 20s and have a baby on the way. Some are single moms. Some are happily married. Some are not-so-happily married. But they all have one thing in common: They are ready to jump ship in one way or another. Whether it be a stinky job, a stinky husband, or even feeling stuck at home-it seems everyone is looking for the next best thing.

And geez, don’t we all want something new and great? People are always asking me how I do it-how do I work an opposite shift from my husband? We both deal with kids alone all week, and then on the weekend we all spend some loud, “quality” time together. Through the screaming, we actually sometimes get to talk to one another. But usually not until the kids go to bed. So yeah. We get a COUPLE HOURS A WEEK together. But the way I look at it is that’s an improvement over what it used to be. We used to not see each other hardly at all. We not only worked opposite shifts, but hubby was taking classes for his MBA on his days and nights off … so … we were a more dysfunctional family then than we are now. Hard to imagine. Throw into that the fact that I worked a second job and our friends really thought we’d lost it. But we didn’t need a sitter that often (we did the hand-off thing in a rush almost every day). In the early days, our dear friend did care for our babies, but at least it was someone we knew and trusted.

But things get old and people, by nature, are fussy. If you aren’t happy at home, at your job, being without a job … when do you know it’s time to jump ship?

I knew it was time at my last job because I was feeling sick ALL THE TIME. I was nervous and frustrated. My heart raced. My stomach hurt. I never saw my kids or husband. And I was listening to AC/DC very loudly on my way to work every single day–just to get pissed off enough to make it through another day.

So, if you’re listening to hard rock to get amped up just to make it through another day, it’s probably time to blossom. Open up. Fall off the branch. And die. Oh wait, no, not that. It’s just time to move on.

Let me know if you are feeling motivated for change with the new season. Believe me, you are not alone.

Happy spring.


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