Day 5. Meeting up with an old friend

Today was a good day. Minus all the embarrassing talk that always leaves me questioning why, why, why?

I met up with an old friend today. Well, she’s not old. It’s just been a long time since we saw each other, that’s all. She’s doing great. It was just like old times.

It’s funny, though, how I NEVER LEARN MY LESSON. Today was the first day I really talked at all to her new hubby, and I made an ass of myself. As usual. I don’t get it. I get talking to people I hardly know and next thing we’re on subjects we never should be on. I have this problem of being WAY TOO HONEST and WAY TOO OPEN with people.

THIS MAN DOES NOT CARE ABOUT MY PERSONAL HEALTH ISSUES. I’m not even going to write it in this post because then I’d be doing it again-talking about stuff NOBODY wants to read.

And here I am, stupid frumpy girl, in his house, all up in his space and business, and talking about nasty stuff that he shouldn’t have to hear about. Ha. Joke’s on me. I suck and never learn.

So yeah. It was great catching up with my old buddy. But for her poor, poor husband … I don’t even know what to say. Poor guy is too cute to take that much pain. He obviously knew what he was getting into by marrying her (she’s exactly the same way-she talks about very inappropriate things and makes very inappropriate sounds. But at least she’s cute. Cute girls can pull this shit off. Fat frumpy girls just look like they’re TRYING to be funny because they know nobody really wants to hang out with them unless they make people laugh. I think I’m becoming that girl. Oh shit. Am I? God, I hope not.)

Well. There you have it. It’s been almost a year since I saw my friend. Now I won’t be allowed to come over to play ever again. I really need to work on my potty mouth and table manners!

Note to self: Work on that. Again.


Us in 2005


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